Bell Acqua: Northern California Waterski Lake – Take an Aerial Tour

Bell Acqua Lake 1 is conveniently located on the outskirts of Sacramento

The premier location for Northern California Waterski training and events.

Traveling competition skiers use this private water ski facility to practice because of its slow water and a tournament boat waiting in the water. Contact us to book practice time.

Bell Acqua Ski Club members have access to the facility based on their weekday or weekend membership package. Drop-in times for traveling skiers are available, see the details here.

Northern California Waterskiing Practice Venue – Walk-on Ski Rides

For the competitive water skier, drop in for traveling: $40 guest pass per day. You must be a American Water Skiing Association (AWSA) member.

Reservations must be pre-booked, please email us here.

Bell Acqua Lake 1 is conveniently located minutes from Downtown Sacramento.

Please call and confirm your dates today, 916-915-3108

Bell Acqua Lake 1 is located at 935 E. Street, Rio Linda, CA. Please email us your questions, or call 916-215-3127.

Water Ski Pro Terry Winters

Photo Credit: Ball of Spray