One-on-One Waterski Lessons

Our private lake location makes it easy and safe for beginners. 

  • All ski lessons are personalized to your level
  • One-on-one instruction with no distractions
  • No experience is needed, we provide all the equipment


No experience is needed, and we provide all the equipment.

2 Lessons for $297

30 minutes per lesson.
We recommend students take both lessons on the same day to reinforce their new skills.

The best possible water conditions for learning waterski skills.

  • Ski Boom
  • Deep Water Start, Double or Single Ski
  • Drop a Ski
  • Stacked Position
  • Learn Edge Control
  • Beginning Wakeboarding
  • Trick Ski lessons
  • Long-Distance Jump Ramp

Our private lake location makes it easy and safe for beginners and younger skiers.

When you arrive for your private water ski lesson, our boat and instructor are waiting for you at the dock. Lessons will include an introduction to dry dock safety tips, teaching of skills on dry land, practice drills on the dock, and in-water coaching. We have all the equipment you will need, so all you need to bring is your bathing suit!

You have our full attention during instruction time. Trees provide windbreaks which keeps the water calm, and only one skier at a time is allowed on the water. For your first time out of the water, we have a training bar on our boat to assist. Our lake is built for the watersport enthusiast!

Intermediate skiers can practice specific skills, tips, and tricks.

Our established location has a built-in windbreak and is the ideal length for jump training. With a boat and driver provided, just bring your equipment (or use ours) and you are ready to ski!

Your lesson or practice session is free from the distractions of public waterways. When students are not skiing they can relax under a large shaded ski dock or on the grassy shaded area.