What To Know Before Buying Water Ski Equipment

Water Ski Equipment, what you need to know.

Author: Myron Crawford

Those who take up water skiing call it tough and enjoyable, but how much anybody enjoys it depends a great deal on the quality and appropriateness of the water ski equipment being used.So how can you ensure you’re picking out the exact right equipment and skis available?

When visiting a water ski equipment retailer, it’s imperative that you tell the salesperson what your skill level is. For anyone new to the sport, the most common type of water ski to choose from is usually a set of combination pairs due to their width and greater level of control. The next most used water ski is the slalom water ski type. A slalom water ski is usually the ski that those who prefer to ski on one leg choose, and are also perfect for those who are more skilled. Trick skis and jump skis are suitable only for the experts.

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Next, consider that in terms of the design of your water ski equipment, for the most part, all water skis these days are made out of fiberglass related materials so that they’re not only tough, but able to resist water damage. The bottom designs of the skis are either going to be concave or will have a small, shallow tunnel running up the middle. If the water ski equipment you’re looking to buy has a narrow tunnel it’s meant for skiers who like to ski standing straight up with their weight distributed backwards slightly, while concave skis are best suited for skiers who like to attack the water by skiing forward with their knees bent.The rocker, flex and length can really make or break one’s water ski equipment purchase. A ski’s rocker is the measurement of the curve at the bottom side of the skiis in proportion to the speed the ski will provide. The larger the rocker, the more speed that ski will produce. Flex works similarly, except that it goes backward. That means that the greater the flex of the ski,the slower it is on the water.

When choosing bindings for one’s water ski equipment, fit and comfort are essential. Beyond that, the bindings are chosen based on what type of water ski equipment is being purchased.The water ski rope and handles are yet another concern when you’re purchasing water ski equipment. A water ski rope should be elastic in nature and able to give and take when you’re moving and turning on the water. As for what handles to purchase, you’ll probably only be buying one because most modern-day water skiers prefer to use a single handle. Comfort is of course as major a consideration since well-fitting handles can help keep a skier from getting fatigued for longer.

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