Northern California Water Ski Event and Training Facility

Our private lake is an American Water Ski Association-approved facility where you can ski a slalom course and practice jumping and tricking. A full range of water sports activities can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Photo Credit: Ball of Spray

Walk-on Ski Rides

For the competitive water skier, drop in for traveling: $50 guest pass per day. You must be a American Water Skiing Association (AWSA) member.

Privacy and Easy Access

  • Ten Minutes From Downtown Sacramento
  • Easy lake access – you can ski and wakeboard more often
  • Tournament-ready club ski boat use for all members
  • Ideal water conditions for skiing
  • Boat, ski course, shoreline, grounds and clubhouse maintained by ownership

The Bell Acqua compound consists of three private water ski lakes in Sacramento County suburb of Rio Linda. See google maps for directions.


Bell Acqua water ski events

Bell Acqua Lake hosts a variety of water ski events, activities and tournaments throughout the year. Check out Whitney McClintock making an Awesome Pass!

  • Training home of the UC Davis Ski Team
  • American Water Ski Association-certified tournaments
  • Charity events
  • BBQ’s
  • Lake rentals
  • Collegiate events

Private Memberships Available

As a member, you are entitled to discounted entry fees and a home field advantage during our events.

Photo Credit: Ball of Spray