Waterski in Sunny California

Practice or train in a mild climate!

Bell Acqua Lake is where the Canadian waterski pros train when they live in freezing conditions. In Northern California, the water conditions can near-perfect throughout the year. A wind block of trees were installed when our lake was built – specifically to keep the water at our lake smooth when winds kick up. Fall skiing can last well into November when days can still see 70+ degrees.

Experienced waterskiers will appreciate our private lake built for pros to practice.

Bell Acqua is designed for 3-event training, and experienced waterskiers on a short line at high speeds will immediately recognize and appreciate the exceptional conditions of our lake. The Pro Slalom and Jump skiers who train at our facility always comment on the quality of the water for their slalom jumps and tricks. The north-south orientation of the lake allows skiers to perform to their highest standards from sun up to sun down. Our lake is lined with fully mature trees that provide wind protection and shade, giving our facility some of the most stable water conditions even when the wind picks up. The layout of our lake lends itself to perfect conditions most months of the year.

  • Main season – April – October 
  • Off season for crazy Canadians: November – March
  • We recommend a break of 30-60 minutes between lessons if taking more than one lesson per day.

Waterski, wakeboard, surf, trick, jump, skate, barefoot  — Rent our gear or bring your own! Coaching packages include a driver!

Travel Options

Our location is very close to the Sacramento International Airport. We have on-site lodging and storage for your equipment!


Elite Coaching:
$170 for 2 sessions, 30 minutes each,
2 session minimum, must be purchased for the same day.
$130 for 2 sets (un-coached)

*Waiver is required


We can accommodate small groups or just a single skier.

Free camping on grass!

Mini Cabin (max 2 people)

Trailer (max 6 people)

AIRbnb Options

Pro Waterskier Todd Lutes and Michael Todd

Bell Acqua Lake is a well-known three-event waterski facility and home of the California Malibu Open, ProAm and Big Dawg pro events. The UC Davis waterski team trains at our lake and we have hosted College National and Regional events as well as USA Nationals and Regionals in recent years.

Learn about the history of Bell Acqua Lakes. The first Tri-Lake Professional Water Ski Tournament lake in the state of California was developed in Rio Linda, CA

Canada Waterski Association (WSWC)

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