Early Spring Waterski Destination

Welcome to Sunny California where you can waterski nine months out of the year!

When the weather turns cold up north, you are welcome to visit our practice and training facility. Bell Acqua Lake in Northern California is where waterski pros train when Canada and other northern states are still under a blanket of snow. The water ski instructors at Bell Acqua Lake are training professionals, and the water conditions are near-perfect many months out of the year.

Spring skiing starts early in the central valley of Northern California.

Bell Acqua Lake is a well-known three-event waterski facility and home of the California ProAm and Big Dawg pro events. The layout of our lake lends itself to perfect conditions most months of the year. Sunny California has early spring weather in March, April and May, which can seem balmy to our visitors from the north. The northern central valley of California has mild weather well beyond the peak of summer.

northern california water skiing

Waterski where the tournament winners practice.

Pro Waterskier Todd Lutes and Michael Todd
Pro Waterskier Todd Lutes and Michael Todd

Waterskiers on a short line at high speeds will immediately recognize and appreciate the exceptional conditions of the water at Bell Acqua Lake One. The Pro Slalom and Jump skiers that train at our facility always comment on the quality of the water. The north-south orientation of the lake, combined with the special water conditions, allows skiers to perform to their highest standards. Our lake is lined with fully mature trees that provide wind protection and shade, giving our facility some of the most stable water conditions even when the wind picks up.

David Miller, 2nd place winner from Canada in the Big Dawg event 2016, and Stephen Neveu from Canada, first time title holder took first place at the California ProAM 2016, an improvement from his third place win last year.

Fall season wrap-up.

After the tournament season winds up in late September, the weather in the Sacramento valley can stay well into the 70’s through early November. Fall skiing can last well into November when days can still see 70+ degrees. A wind block of trees were installed when our lake was built – specifically to keep the water at our lake smooth when winds kick up.

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Learn about the history of Bell Acqua Lakes. The first Tri-Lake Professional Water Ski Tournament lake in the state of California was developed in Rio Linda, CA

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