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Water Ski School at Bell Acqua Lake in Northern California

A trained instructor, boat and driver, and a private lake – the perfect conditions are waiting.

Bell Acqua Water Ski School offers private water ski lessons for beginners and those who want to improve their skiing skills.

Bell Acqua Lake 1 is Northern California’s premier water ski facility known for it’s controlled water conditions and the perfect environment for those new to the sport.

Waterski lessons will be available after May 21, 2016.

Private Waterski Lessons Fee Schedule

By the lesson, must be taken on the same day

  • 2 lessons: $195.00
  • 4 lessons: $380.00
  • 12 lessons $995.00

Lessons are available:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8am-2pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8am-1pm
  • Contact us below to reserve your time slot or if you have questions

If you choose to take additional rides after your lesson (un-coached), the cost would be $40.00 per ride.

We ask for a deposit in the amount of $95.00 by credit card be made at time of booking. This payment will be applied to your account the day of your lesson. You have up to 48 hours to cancel your lesson for a full refund. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, the $95.00 will be used as a cancellation fee to cover the cost of the instructor.

Please include your email address so we can send you any changes to your lessons.

2015 California Waterski Pro Am Event

Bell Acqua Lake 1 – Rio Linda, CA

California Waterski Pro Am

September 17-18-19-20

Pros from around the world will be competing for cash prizes.


The California Waterski Pro Am featuring the largest professional slalom event in the United States and the world’s top skiers will hit the waters in Northern California this weekend.

The California Waterski Pro Am is coming to town this weekend. The largest professional slalom event in the United States. The conditions could not be better! With the world’s top skiers hitting the water, including Nate Smith. “There is always pressure on me to do my best. They expect me to ski the best, or set a new world record.”

Terry Winter, another top-notch local talent says, “I get to come home, hang out with my can’t ask for a more beautiful place to be than in your backyard.”

Nate continues, “He (Terry Winter) is consistent, there at the top, plus Brian Detrick. He is a friend of mine, just started climbing the ladder…a fantastic slalom skier. I try to relax and have fun. This event is a platform for a National Bid.”

The public is welcome to watch these elite skiers who are looking to carve their way to a podium finish can join the fun at Bell Acqua Lake 1 in Rio Linda. Event is free, parking $5.

Get Driving Directions Here


Contact Bell Acqua private waterski lake in the central valley of northern California — a premier destination for professionals and those wanting to improve their waterskiing skills.


Enjoy the thrill of water skiing: Play it safe

water skiing ball of spray

Water skiing is very thrilling and one of the most popular adventure sports around the world.

BALwebheaderFNLnoTWYou can have a thrilling experience and loads of excitement and fun if you are interested in water skiing. But not before you are aware of all technical rules involving water skiing safety. Because a slight negligence and reluctance on your part can result in a disaster. Water skiing is at one point a boat game but the skier splashes through the water and the chill of thrill lies in the havoc speed. Thus you call it water skiing. It’s a team of three where one is the operator and the other is the observer and the main guy is the skier in the whole game.

You can easily make out one thing. As the game of water skiing has two risky zones, one is water and the other is speed, it has to be played with immense precautions. To avoid unwanted accidents, water skiing has some inherent rules and safety measures which every player has to follow. When it is a one man show the risk can be minimized but when a set of skiers plunge into the same portion of the river, it is very difficult to keep track on every individual. The risk probability is doubled.

Safety rules in water skiing

The compulsory age

You cannot start water skiing whenever you wish. The minimum age when you can become both an operator and an observer has been fixed to be sixteen. With special permission from the concerned ski board, one below sixteen but more than twelve can become an observer but for being operator the age mentioned is mandatory.

Skiing tools and uniform:

The personal flotation device or PFD has to be strictly personal. You cannot use someone else’s device. Put on something that makes you feel light and doesn’t disturb when you ski across the water. The colors of the jersey must be bright to be identified easily.

Hour of skiing:

Again you can’t wish to ski as per your mood. There are specifications of time and you are bound to follow the rules. It is always between sunrise and sunset that means in bright daylight. It cannot be an hour before or after that.

Fitness and not addicted:

The trio has to be body fit and the level of alcohol in the blood has to be less 0.05. If it is traced more they will be disqualified and even penalized.

Signaling techniques:

When you are already in water on with the game, you can meet with accident anytime without even the slightest idea. The observer’s duty is to constantly keep his eyes on the skier and following the path he should indicate the operator of the boat. Even then if the skier falls, the skier should try to raise the arm or the ski straight towards upward direction, so that the observer can instantly find out what has happened. The life of the skier can thus be saved.

Contact Bell Acqua private waterski lake in the central valley of northern California — a premier destination for professionals and those wanting to improve their waterskiing skills.

Sacramento Boat and RV Storage

Store your boat or RV at Bell Acqua Lake

We can help you winterize and prepare your boat for spring. Plenty of space and locked gate access. Close to major freeways, easy in and out and much less than you will pay anywhere else.


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Brian Detrick: Waterski Pro – 2013 Diablo ProAm Round 2 (Big Crash @ 39 off)

You’ll Want to Watch this Waterski Pro Twice

Watch Brian Detrick at The 2013 ProAM – Bell Acqua Lake

The UC Davis Water Ski Team have been Bell Acqua Lake One members for 25 years. UC Davis is one of the top water ski teams in the college division, currently holding first place ranking and are one of the top three, in the nation 2013. Waterski Pro skiiers use Bell Acqua Lake as a practice venue because of the perfect water conditions.

This is a great place to learn to waterski for beginners because of a slow water start and less distractions than trying to learn on public waterways. Afun p lace to be this summer! (916) 919-5726